Gutter options can include the obvious, like colors and materials, as well as the design. Aluminum gutters are the most common because of durability, and they provide a non-corrosive material. There are other options including copper gutters, steel gutters, galvalume gutters, zinc gutters and vinyl gutters; although, First Response Gutters primarily offers seamless aluminum 5-6 inch gutters.

Gutter options are defined below: (click each option to read each definition)

Seam implies there are visible seams that can aid in identifying particular sections

Seamless means there are NO visible seams that are visually appealing

A Leaf Guard system provides a leaf barrier that inhibits leaf debris and a varmint highway. This will keep you from having to clean out your gutters 4-5 times a year.

Popular K-Style (there are A-L Gutter Styles), Rounded, Half Rounded, Fascia Gutters

Gutter Color Options

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